Created by Nicholas Friar and sitting high on the historic city walls of Chester, hypha is an experimental dining experience with bold aims. Continually moving within a closed loop system, hypha’s sustainable ethos brings together local produce with exceptional standards. Every hero ingredient has been grown in Chester or its surrounding areas.

hypha offers a constantly evolving, micro-seasonal tasting menu. Using ingredients from local suppliers, growers and foragers, the hypha menu changes to match the environment. Our menu can change day-to-day, sometimes developing as the day unfolds.

Our closed loop system gives us a unique approach to how we use our food. hypha features our own fermentation lab and creative food workspace, where we use every stem and stalk to proudly develop an evolving menu that demonstrates how amazing food and creative thinking can help us make a smaller impact.

Grown for  h y p h a

After meeting in the hospitality industry years ago, Nicholas has worked closely with Alice Leech, a grower from Chester. She began growing edible flowers and has expanded to grow other produce exclusively for hypha.

Growing our own produce means we can grow ingredients to create specific menus, rather than just using what is available from suppliers. We have complete control of our supply chain and can ensure our produce is now being grown on one of the UK’s oldest organic grow fields.

hypha also brings together other growers who specialise in other ingredients, including the Garlic Queen just outside Chester, who grows specialist heritage garlic.

All our staff are included in our produce, helping forage native produce from the banks of the River Dee to local forests. By preserving and fermenting the rich abundance of exceptional ingredients on offer, we are able to dive into their flavours throughout the seasons.

“We’re not preachy, we’re not trying to convert people… all we want to do is to make some tasty and innovative food .” Nicholas Friar – Owner


We are not just food lovers, but flavour lovers. Our in-depth exploration of flavour expands beyond food into every drink we serve.

Our wines go through the same strict accreditation process as the rest of hypha. We ensure every sip is carefully paired with our dishes and reflects our sustainable values.

We don’t use many traditional spirits. Instead, we are proud to serve Empirical spirits, a flavour company from the former development chef at NOMA in Denmark. They create bold distilled drinks with a level of detail unlike any other. Using custom-built machinery, developed hybrid fermentation techniques and augmented low-temperature distillation, to mention just a few of their innovative processes, Empirical have explored drinks in a completely new way.

Blossom Espresso 

Blossom  x   h y p h a

For every kilo of Blossom Espresso sold, Blossom donate £1 to Manchester City of Trees.

CarbonNeutral® Company

Founded in the summer of 2020, Blossom Coffee Roasters is a speciality coffee company born and based in Manchester.  “A focus on sustainability underpins everything we do. From the way we source our green coffee to the way we run our business here in the UK, our aim is to have a positive impact on people and the planet”

“We will always place sustainability at the centre of what we do and support others to do the same.”

“Our ambition is to have as little impact on the environment as we possibly can. From our electric delivery van to the 100% renewable energy used at the roastery, we are always striving to implement ways of working that can help us make informed decisions about the impact we are having on the planet.”

In 2021, we are proud to have been awarded the new Michelin Green Star – Highlighting Sustainability in the Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2021.

Just 23 restaurants have been awarded the new accolade that gives distinction and highlights restaurants at the forefront of our industry when it comes to their sustainable practices.

We aim to act as role model for what is possible for the hospitality industry.

“The team at Hypha have been totally overwhelmed to receive such an incredible accolade from Michelin… To say we are passionate and committed to sustainability is an understatement. Creating zero waste is as important to us as the food we produce – so the green star is really the ultimate recognition.”  Nicholas Friar – Owner

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5 City Walls
You can find us on the city walls, head up the stairs at Northgate bridge above Porta.


Opening Hours

Thursday     |  Soirée

Friday          |  Matinée & Soirée

Saturday      |  Matinée, Early Soirée & Soirée

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