Purezza Chilled & Filtered Water

Still or Sparkling

k ō j i Cooler

Chamomile, Liquorice, Peppermint & Wormwood.
Mixed with sparkling or still filtered water.

k ō j i Cordial

Honeysuckle & Elderflower.
Mixed with sparkling or still filtered water.

Softs (Fermented)

Our fermented drinks are developed and produced in our Fermentation Bar & Drinks Lab; k ō j i. Seasonal produce from our growers and foragers are processed to maximise flavour with microbial chemical reactions.
Please note that during the fermentation process, small amounts of alcohol are produced but after testing we ensure all our drinks are below 0.5% abv which can be officially labelled non-alcoholic.


Rhubarb & Lavender
Spent Coffee
Spent Beer

Kefir Water

Bitter Strawberry
Pea & Mint

Soft Flight

To match with our Season’s Story

Rhubarb & Lavender Kombucha
Pineapple Weed Tepaché
Pea & Mint Kefir
Spent Beer Kombucha
Kola Kefir
k ō j i Cooler
Spent Coffee Kombucha


We have teamed up with the guys at Empirical Spirits in Copenhagen to bring you an alternative idea for mixed drinks or cocktails. Their flavour driven spirits are mixed with creations from our fermentation lab, k ō j i, to bring you incredible combinations to pair with food or as a pre-dinner aperitif.

The Plum, I Suppose

Rhubarb & Lavender Kombucha


We are forming relationships with brewers across the region to bring you a variety of styles and collaborations.




Cans | Bottles

Grisette Bio Blonde (gf)

Blonde Beer (gf)


(Wine serves – 175ml Glass / 500ml Carafe / 750ml Bottle)


Oniric Sotaterra

Macabeo, Penedés, Spain
Touch of texture, mineral & bright
£10 / £28 / £43

Belle Naturelle

Grüner Veltliner, Austria
Flavours of apple and honeyed apricot yet bone dry with a lot of minerality.
£10.75 / £- / £-

L’Archetipo Sette Lune

Verdeca, Puglia, Italy
Fruity, floral with a herbaceous and spicy intensity.
£11.50/ £33/ £50


Gutedel, Germany
Bone dry & light with a subtle hint of white pepper
£11.75 / £34 / £53

Nibiru Amphibolit

Riesling, Austria
Explosive aromatics give way to a deep and complex palate, all underpinned with a streak of bright and balancing acidity.
£- / £- / £60


Nibiru Grundstein

Müller-Thurgau, Austria
Expressive natural orange wine with good balance, richness without heaviness and beautiful fruity-spicy nuances.
£9.75 / £28 / £42

Nika, Dato Noah

Rkatsiteli, Georgia
Amazing orange qvevri wine. Unfiltered, natural Tsaraphi Rkatsiteli from Kakheti region in Georgia. With notes of honey, apricot, almond & dry fruits. Intense & deep wine with solid tannis.
£12 / £35 / £57


Fattoria di Sammontana Alberese

70% Sangiovese, 30% Trebbiano, Italy
This blend of red and white grapes yields a wine that is light, energetic and juicy. Red fruit profile, a mineral edge, and lovely savoury note.
£8.50 / £24 / £40

L’Archetipo Niuru Maru

Negorama, Puglia, Italy
Medium body, smooth, balanced & quite tannic. Great notes of plum & cherry. An authentic Negroamaro!
£9.50 / £27 / £41

Pranzegg, Rosso Leggero

Field Blend, Italy
Ruby red with hints of candied fruits, light spices and fresh berries.
£11 / £30.50 / £48

Slobodné Majer

Native Blend, Slovenia
Forest fruits, hints of pepper, minerals, cumin & red fruit earthiness.
£- / £- / £48

Au Replat Domaine d'Ici La

Mondeuse, Bugey, France
All of the dark fruit goodness with a velvety texture and a super spicy, peppery finish
£- / £- / £57


Pinot Noir, Switzerland
Tremendous complexity & structure with more body than you'd expect. Earthy tones & smooth finish.
£- / £- / £75


Funambul Brut Nature

Blend, Penedes, Spain
A gorgeous, zippy and fresh dry Cava made from old vineyards in the protected park of Foix, Penedes
£8 / £- / £40

Christoph Hoch, Kalkspitz

Gruner & Zweigelt , Pet Nat, Austria
Fresh lime juice, tangy, with a hint of white pepper and spice too. The bubbles are frothy and almost like sea-foam. You could almost claim it is a champagne.
£8.50 / £- / £45

Bum Bum Cha

Blend, Czech Republic
light-fruity aromas, cherry & a salty minerality
£- / £- / £50


Primo Fuoco

Merlot, Tuscany, Italy
Vibrant & fresh summer berry flavours with a complex minerality
£11 / £30 / £45

Dessert Wine | After Dinner Drinks


Rosé, Merlot, Auslese, Austria
Incredible sweet wine with a impressive floral bouquet & finesse
£8.50 / 125ml

Not An Espresso

Up-Cycled coffee liqueur from our spent Blossom coffee
£7 / 50ml

Hard Flight

To match with our Season’s Story

Nibiru, Gelber Muskatellar Ancestrale, Austria
Pineapple Weed Tepaché & Ayuuk, Kōji, Chester/Empirical, Copenhagen
Voodoo Child, Pinot Gris, Austria
Inedit, Ferran Adrià, Spain
Grün Grün, Grüner Veltliner, Austria
Nibiru, Auslese, Austria
k ō j i  Cocktail, Chester

Luxury Flight

To match with our Season’s Story

MOJE, Nestarec, Czech Republic
Pineapple Weed Tepaché & Ayuuk, Kōji, Chester/Empirical, Copenhagen
Grisette, Bio Blonde, Belgium
Marche Noir, Carignan, Languedoc
Nibiru Amphibolit, Riesling, Austria
Beerenauslese, Gelber Muskateller, Austria
Not An Espresso, Manchester/Chester

Blossom x

h y p h a

Filter Coffee.

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