Pre Dinner Drinks

h y p h a “G&T” £6.00

House Draught Inedit £4.25

Glass of Sparkling Cava £8.50

“Plum, I suppose” Summer Berries Kombuca  £7.00


k ō j i Cordial

Cherry & Pink Peppercorn
Damson & Lavender
Mixed with sparkling or still filtered water.

k ō j i Cooler

Hops, Black Cherry Tea, Kola Nut & Szechuan
Mixed with sparkling or still filtered water.

Purezza Chilled & Filtered Water

Still or Sparkling

Softs (Fermented)

Our fermented drinks are developed and produced in our Fermentation Bar & Drinks Lab; k ō j i. Seasonal produce from our growers and foragers are processed to maximise flavour with microbial chemical reactions.
Please note that during the fermentation process, small amounts of alcohol are produced but after testing we ensure all our drinks are below 0.5% abv which can be officially labelled non-alcoholic.


Summer Berries

Kefir Water

Marigold & Peruvian Mint

Soft Flight

To match with our Season’s Story

Marigold & Peruvian Mint Kefir
Honeysuckle, Celery Salt & Chamomile Cordial
Summer Berries Kombucha
 Bergamot, Vanilla & Cornflower Cold Brew Tea
k ō j i Cooler


We have teamed up with the guys at Empirical Spirits in Copenhagen to bring you an alternative idea for mixed drinks or cocktails. Their flavour driven spirits are mixed with creations from our fermentation lab, k ō j i, to bring you incredible combinations to pair with food or as a pre-dinner aperitif.

The Plum, I Suppose

Summer Berries Kombucha


We are forming relationships with brewers across the region to bring you a variety of styles and collaborations.




Cans | Bottles

Saison Dupont

Bold bitterness with zesty hops and citrus are complemented by a solid malty sweetness 6.5%


(Wine serves – 175ml Glass / 500ml Carafe / 750ml Bottle)


Valdibella Munir

Cataratto, Sicily, Italy
Well structured wine with aromas of wildflowers and quince. Very refreshing with a pleasant minerality.
£9.50 / £27 / £40

Krasna Hora Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris, Czech Republic
Aromas of white flowers and stone fruit with some nuttiness and vanilla. A small portion of the wine was fermented in oak barrels, providing creamy-fruity flavors with mouth-watering acidity that gives this wine an impressively lively finish.
£10 / £28 / £42

Zdenek Vykoukal Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc, Müller-Thurgau & Riesling, Czech Republic
This is a classic example of a cuvée wine, in that it isn’t expressing anything too strongly but it's still a nice blend of all three grape varieties, and a total crowd pleaser. It's best to leave it open for a while so it can oxidate a bit more, bringing those lovely roasted chestnut aromas out more.
£10 / £28 / £42

Kmetija Stekar Belo

Blend, Slovenia
A wild field blend an excellent pick for natural wine fans. Slightly sour, with plenty of citrus, tart apple notes and lots of minerality. A slightly creamier texture and some savoury funkiness.
£11 / £30 / £46


L’Archetipo Litrotto Bianco

Blend, Italy
Fruity, herbaceous and Mediterranean scrub notes on the nose. The sip is light bodied, drinkable and balanced with excellent flavour and acidity that freshens the drink (1000ml bottle)
£8.75 / £27.50 / £42

Slobodne Oranžista

Pinot Gris, Czech Republic
Juicy on the palate with wonderful apricot, figs, and lime fruit. Little bit of salinity. Super fun to look at and a beauty on the palate. This wine was aged in ‘Ovoid’ egg- shaped tanks for nearly a year. Bottled unfined, unfiltered and with a tiny sulphite addition
£11/ £37 / £55


Azul y Garanza Abril

Merlot, Navarra, Spain
Delicious silky tannins & dark red fruit flavours with chocolate & liquorice notes on the finish.
£7.75 / £22 / £35

Dva Duby Impera

Blend, Czech Republic
This blend of St Laurent and Frankovka is a great representation of the area, and the high quality wines Jiri Sebela produces. Lots of red fruit coupled with earthy, meaty notes. Thirst quenching quality.
£10/ £29 / £47

Dva Duby Zweigeltrebe

Zweigelt, Czech Republic

An expressive red wine with subtle hints of forest fruits, tobacco and an ashy characteristic. Elegant and smooth with a balanced acidity.
£11.75 / £34 / £53

Fruit Loops

Cabernet Franc, Syrah & Blaufrankisch, Austria
An interesting amphora aged red with notes of ripe blackberries and cherries with dried herbs and spices.
£14 / £42 / £65


Pinot Noir, Switzerland
Tremendous complexity & structure with more body than you'd expect. Earthy tones & smooth finish.
£- / £- / £75


Funambul Brut Nature

Blend, Penedes, Spain
A gorgeous, zippy and fresh dry Cava made from old vineyards in the protected park of Foix, Penedes
£8.50 / £- / £45

Pétr Korab “Orange on Leaves”

Blend, Czech Republic
A blend of Gewürztraminer, Welschriesling and Grüner Veltliner. This wine spends six months on not only the skins, but also the leaves of the grapes. The leaves add a lovely herbal character to the wine, earthy and wild, with green tea notes and some subtle apricot fruit as well. An elegant orange wine.
£9.75 / £- / £57

Oniric Pet Nat

Xarel-lo, Muscat, Catalunya, Spain
Be careful with this one… once you start it’s impossible to stop. Super indulgent, fresh with light bubbles and a hint of banana foam.
£8.50 / £- / £45


Krasna Hora “Pink”

Pinot Noir, Czech Republic
This 100% Pinot Noir full of juicy, red fruit, summer berries, and a wild, carefree character. Long, long finish, and so moreish, an absolute delight.
£9.50 / £27.00 / £42

Primo Fuoco

Merlot, Tuscany, Italy
Vibrant & fresh summer berry flavours with a complex minerality
£11 / £30 / £45

Dessert Wine | After Dinner Drinks


Rosé, Merlot, Auslese, Austria
Incredible sweet wine with a impressive floral bouquet & finesse
£8.50 / 125ml

Wenzel Beerenauslese

Gelber Muskateller, Austria
A beautiful, energetic and light dessert wine. Notes of honey & lychee with slight ginger on the finish.
£7.20 / 125ml

Hard Flight

To match with our Season’s Story

Blanc de Noir, Pinot Noir, Czech Republic
Krasna Hora, Pinot Gris, Czech Republic
Primo Fuoco, Merlot, Italy
Oranžista, Pinot Gris, Slovakia
Dva Duby, Zweigeltrebe, Moravia

Blossom x

h y p h a

Filter Coffee.

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